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About Us

At Eagle Eye Security, we bring several years of security experience to the table. We provide effective, efficient and professional security services. Our management and security officers go above and beyond to meet all your expectations.

Chief Brian White has over 14 years of security management experience. He also served as a law enforcement officer in his community for over 9 years. He has completed specialized training in areas such as: terrorism, gang awareness and Drug investigations. This experience has helped Chief White perfect a community-involved approach to security concerns.

Chief White is also a North Carolina certified firearms instructor. While training security officers in how to perform their duties, he also instills the ideals that the aid of the community is vital to achieving a safe and secure environment.

Our Officers are Certified by the State of North Carolina!

Eagle Eye Security Officers are certified by the State of North Carolina. This entails that all officers must complete an unarmed security training certification given by a North Carolina certified instructor.

Eagle Eye Armed Security Officers must complete the unarmed certification course and complete additional armed training to carry a firearm as a armed security officer.

Eagle Eye Security completes a full background and criminal history reports for each employee. These reports are submitted and approved by the State of North Carolina.

We specialize in ....

  • Apartment complexes
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marianas
  • Special Events
  • Private Parties
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels Resorts